Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


We at CanConnect value our users and value their privacy. Listed below is our privacy policy and terms of use.

Terms of Use
CanConnect is an online community for the Middle Tennessee cancer survivorship community. CanConnect strives to connect users with valuable support groups to inform them of these local services. These groups and services have been included as a resource for our users, and we encourage our users to utilize these organizations for their own research. CanConnect does hold any liability for any information contained on the member posted areas of the website, and does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the advice posted by users. Inclusion of a resource does not signify a recommendation or evaluation of the service or provider.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time without notice.

By accessing any content on CanConnect, you agree to the terms listed here.

Discrimination Policy
CanConnect does not discriminate, nor does it tolerate discrimination against any individual, regardless of medical history, race, religion, sex, gender identity, or any other factor. CanConnect is a place where all are welcome, and can interact with each other in a caring and sensitive environment.

Liability Disclaimer
CanConnect is currently under development and is offered with no warranty. The availability of this service cannot be guaranteed. By accessing any resource on CanConnect, you agree that in no cases are the owners liable for any damages whatsoever. We are not responsible for the contents of any linked site.
We are not responsible or liable for any offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or illegal content submitted by our third party users. We are also not responsible for the conduct of any other party on CanConnect.

Personal Information
All personal information submitted to CanConnect is voluntary, and will be used for the purpose of identifying users and providing personalized services on CanConnect. This includes names, locations, email address and any self disclosed personal or medical information. CanConnect will not sell your information to anyone, and it will not be shared with anyone outside of CanConnect.

CanConnect will never abuse or sell your email address used for registering for the site. CanConnect will from time to time send you emails regarding updates and news about the site. Users can choose whether or not to receive these emails at their own decision.

Legal Use
Users agree to not use CanConnect in any illegal or unlawful manner including unauthorized access of CanConnect or its computer resources.
Users are prohibited from using CanConnect to advertise or solicit business from users without the explicit and written permission from CanConnect.
Health care professionals should not use CanConnect as a way to gain or advertise to directly to individual patients. Any soliciting of this nature will result in a suspension of account privileges.

Copyright Use
All contents of CanConnect © Jacob Weiss.

By providing materials to CanConnect, you give the owners the right to copy, distribute, edit, and delete your materials. This includes reproducing any submissions in any form, and at any time without needing express consent.
All rights not expressly granted are reserved.
In interacting with others, make sure to never disclose personal information that may be revealing, without first establishing the identity of the other party.

Editorial Policy
CanConnect reserves the right to edit, move, or delete content submitted by its users that is deemed inappropriate by our moderators. This can include strongly worded negative experiences, postings with personal details, profanity, racism, demeaning comments, but is not limited to these categories. CanConnect does not have any desire to censor any individuals. We hope to maintain CanConnect as a valuable resource for our members and community, and we need your help in doing so.

The information found on CanConnect is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not always the opinion of medical professionals. Check with your doctor regarding any information found on this website. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.